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Automatic Door Closer Adjustment Services in Memphis, Tennessee

Door closers are an integral part of modern security systems, ensuring that doors close safely and securely after they’ve been opened. In Memphis, Tennessee, GI Locksmith is your go-to provider for professional installation, maintenance, and repair of electronic door closers. Whether you’re looking to enhance the safety of your commercial property or streamline access in a busy office environment, we have the expertise to deliver optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

Door Closer Repair & Replacement

Security Enhancement

Automatically ensures doors are closed and secure.

Energy Efficiency

Helps maintain internal temperatures, reducing energy costs.


Ideal for high-traffic areas, ensuring doors close consistently and quietly.

Longevity and Reliability

Built to withstand frequent use without manual intervention.

Storm Door Closer

Get your storm door closer repaired or replaced.

Commercial Door Closer Serivces

We perform repairs and replacements for all commercial automatic door closers.

Hydraulic Door Closer

We provide services for all hydraulic door closers.

Screen Door Closer

If your screen door closer is not working we can repair or replace it today!

Popular Brands We Work With






Popular Brands We Work With

Automatic Electronic Door Closers: A Brief History

Originally developed to improve fire safety by ensuring doors would close automatically in the event of a fire, electronic door closers have evolved significantly. Today, they are used in a myriad of settings, from hospitals to hotels, to enhance both security and convenience. Their ability to integrate with access control systems makes them an essential component of modern security infrastructures.

FAQs about Automatic Door Closers in Memphis, TN

Expert Installation and Service in Memphis

At GI Locksmith, we pride ourselves on our ability to fit and service electronic door closers that perfectly match the demands of any premises. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to your security and satisfaction, we offer a service that keeps your operations smooth and secure. For businesses in Memphis looking to upgrade their door systems, look no further than GI Locksmith. We’re here to make every entrance and exit seamless and secure.

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