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Exit Device Repair and Replacement Services in Memphis, TN

Ensure the safety and compliance of your property with our expert exit device installation and repair services in Memphis. From panic bars to emergency exit locks, we specialize in providing reliable solutions for commercial and public buildings.

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Our Comprehensive Exit Device Services for all of Memphis, TN:

Expert Push Bar Repairs: Our locksmiths are artisans in the realm of exit devices. From addressing pesky push bar malfunctions to diagnosing the quirkiest panic bar issues, we approach every challenge with the same level of expertise and dedication.

Reliable Push Bar Replacements: Sometimes, age or wear and tear get the best of even the sturdiest exit devices. Rest assured, we offer a selection of top-quality replacement push bars and panic bars, guaranteeing your exit remains secure and efficient.

Push Bar Exit Devices

These devices feature a horizontal bar that, when pushed, unlatches the door, allowing for quick egress. Ideal for high-traffic areas, they are easy to use and can be installed on various door types. GI Locksmith can repair and install these devices, ensuring they meet safety codes and function smoothly.

Touch Bar Exit Devices

Similar to push bars but with a slimmer profile, touch bars are activated with a light touch. They are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for environments where design is a consideration. GI Locksmith's expertise includes the precise installation and maintenance of these devices.

Crossbar Exit Devices

Crossbar Exit Devices

These have a traditional design with a horizontal bar that extends across most of the door width. They are robust and often used in historic buildings or where a classic look is desired. We can provide restoration and modernization services for these devices.

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices

Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices

These devices are not visible from the exterior of the door, offering a clean look while providing effective security and egress functionality. They are ideal for glass doors or where vandalism is a concern. Our locksmiths specialize in the intricate installation and repair of these systems.

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices

Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices

The rods in these devices are mounted on the surface of the door and are visible. They are suitable for double doors and provide excellent security. G.I. Locksmith can ensure these devices are aligned and functioning correctly for optimal performance.

Delayed Egress Exit Devices

Delayed Egress Exit Devices

These devices delay the door opening for a set period, usually 15-30 seconds, after the bar is pressed. They are used in areas requiring additional security or patient monitoring, like hospitals or retail stores. G.I. Locksmith can install and maintain these systems, ensuring compliance with local fire and safety codes.

Alarm Exit Devices

Alarm Exit Devices

Equipped with an integral alarm, these devices alert when the exit is used, preventing unauthorized exits or entries. They are ideal for schools, retail, and high-security areas. G.I. Locksmith provides installation and maintenance services, including alarm integration.

Electrically Controlled Exit Devices

Electrically Controlled Exit Devices

These devices can be integrated with a building's access control system, allowing for remote locking or unlocking. They are suitable for high-security areas and can be customized for specific needs. We offer advanced installation services, including system integration and programming.

Each of these devices serves a specific purpose and can be tailored to the unique needs of a building or facility. GI Locksmith’s expertise in installation, repair, and maintenance ensures that these exit devices function reliably and comply with safety standards.

G.I. Locksmith Works On All Panic Bar & Exit Device Brands

The Best Panic Bar Installation and Repairs in Memphis, TN

Von Duprin

A leader in the exit device market, Von Duprin is known for its high-quality and durable products. They offer a wide range of exit devices, including push bars, touch bars, and electronic exit devices. Their products are widely used in commercial and institutional settings.


Sargent provides a variety of exit devices that are known for their reliability and security. Their product line includes rim exit devices, surface vertical rod devices, and mortise lock exit devices. Sargent is often chosen for educational, healthcare, and commercial buildings.


Yale is a well-respected brand in the lock and security industry. Their exit devices are known for their durability and ease of use. Yale offers a range of products including rim exit devices, surface vertical rod devices, and heavy-duty exit devices suitable for high-traffic areas.

Corbin Russwin

Corbin Russwin specializes in architectural hardware and is known for its robust and aesthetically pleasing exit devices. They offer a variety of solutions including rim, mortise, and vertical rod exit devices, catering to educational, healthcare, and commercial facilities.

Dormakaba (formerly known as Kaba)

Dormakaba is recognized for its innovative and secure access solutions. Their exit devices include push bars and touch bars that are compatible with electronic access control systems, making them ideal for modern, high-security environments.


Detex offers exit devices that are particularly known for their integrated alarm systems, making them a great choice for loss prevention and security in retail and educational settings. Their product range includes options for weatherized exit devices for outdoor use.


Hager is known for providing a wide range of door hardware solutions, including exit devices. Their products are valued for their reliability and compliance with safety standards, suitable for various commercial applications.


Falcon offers cost-effective exit device solutions that do not compromise on quality. Their products, including rim and vertical rod exit devices, are suitable for a variety of commercial applications.

Adams Rite

Specializing in door hardware for glass doors, Adams Rite’s exit devices are popular in commercial storefronts and office buildings. Their products blend well with modern glass door aesthetics while providing necessary security and egress functions.

Precision Hardware

Known for their heavy-duty exit devices, Precision Hardware products are often used in high-traffic and high-abuse areas. They offer a range of exit devices that are both durable and reliable.

Upgrade Your Safety Standards with Our Exit Device Services

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Yes, we can upgrade your existing exit devices to more advanced and secure options. Whether you're looking to enhance safety features or comply with new safety standards, our team can assess your current setup and recommend suitable upgrades, ensuring your property stays safe and up-to-date with regulations.

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